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The Iowa Algebra Aptitude Test, Fifth Edition, is used to assess students' readiness for Algebra 1. This is an important test because it is used to determine a student's placement in higher level math. If you want your child to be on track for taking AP or IB math classes in high school, your child needs to get a high score on the IAAT test. The IAAT test is administered in a group setting by school administrators/teachers. It contains 60 questions divided into four parts:

Part 1: Pre-Algebraic Number Skills and Concepts: Measures how well students understand the mathematical skills and concepts necessary for success in an algebra course.

Part 2: Interpreting Mathematical Information: Measures how well students can learn new material presented in graphs or text.

Part 3: Representing Relationships: Measures a student's ability to find formulas for numerical relationships.

Part 4: Using Symbols: Measures how well students understand important symbols of algebra and how they are used.