Preparation Kit for the WISC®-IV

The Test Tutor: Preparation Kit for WISC®-IV Test provides fun and colorful exercises to help your child master the skills and concepts assessed on the WISC®-IV test. It includes:

  • 900+ practice questions similar in content, format, and difficulty to the WISC®-IV test.
  • Details about the test subject matter, administration and scoring.
  • 9 bi-color, non-toxic blocks.
  • All 15 subtests. Appropriate for children aged 6 to 16.

Does your child need to take the WISC®-IV test to get into a private school or gifted program? If you are concerned about it or just want to ensure your child is not at a disadvantage, it's important that your child become familiar with the test subject matter and question format. Experts agree that it is possible to prepare for an IQ test. Your child's education is just too important to leave to chance. With over 900 practice items, children will get the practice and exposure to testing conditions necessary to improve testing weaknesses and maximize their test score.


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