WPPSI™ Test Preparation

The WPPSI™ or Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence™ is a test given to children 2-7 years of age to assess general IQ as well as verbal abilities, reasoning and processing skills, visual-motor skills, and comprehension of both verbal and visual information. The results from these tests are compared to averages and peer norms, then analyzed for areas of weakness or strength. These results then aid parents, teachers, and other professionals in placing them in educational programs best suited to their needs and learning abilities.

Although grouped as a single test, the WPPSI actually includes many subtests. Depending on the child’s age and on administrator choices, children may only be tested in certain areas. Our preparation materials for the WPPSI-III and WPPSI-IV include practice items for all of the subtests your child might encounter on test day.