About us

At Test Tutor Publishing, we are committed to the following values and guiding principles:

1. All children should have the opportunity to get best education possible.
2. Well-designed test preparation products give children the skills needed to achieve success.
3. With preparation, any child can achieve exceptional results and realize their educational dreams.

Our mission is reflected in every product we publish. We create content-rich, reasonably priced, user-friendly test preparation materials that empower children to achieve at their highest level. Because we believe all children can achieve academic success, we focus on building critical thinking skills, employing test-taking strategies, and reducing test anxiety. 

Our Team

We are test preparation experts. All of our materials are designed with the help of experienced educators and based on the latest educational research. We have helped thousands of students prepare for admissions tests with our colorful, fun and easy-to-use workbooks, manipulatives, and interactive games.