Success Stories


I am a teacher and found the product excellent in preparing my student for the upcoming exam. It helped remove test anxiety and helped the child experience testing in a positive way. Thank you all! Helen, Houston, TX

Great product, perfect prep book. This is exactly what you need to familiarize your child with the tests. Perfect. Helps get your child used to the types of questions so that they are relaxed during their test. Real Customer

If you want to get your child familiar with the format of the test, I truly believe THIS IS THE BOOK you should buy. I can't recommend it higher!  Rick, Canadian Dad

My son likes playing games and doing puzzles, so this book worked great for him. He said the exercises were fun, so it wasn't something I had to force him to do. I love the fact that the workbook includes more than 500 practice questions, covers all of the subtests and gives details about what my son can expect on testing day. After the test, my son said the workbook was "just like the real test" and he scored in the 99th percentile. It was money well spent!  Gina, New Jersey mom

My daughter took the IQ test today. She scored a 138 overall and she only needed a 130 to get into the school of our choice. I'm very happy with the results. The preparation materials really helped. Thanks Test Tutor Publishing! Ana, Florida mom

The Test Tutor's preparation materials are a great learning tool. It will definitely help familiarize your child with the questions on the test. I highly recommend it. Kim, St. Louis mom

The Preparation Kit is very comprehensive with lots of colorful examples of each type of question. It really helped my son know what to expect and gave him a lot of confidence when he took the test. Scott, NY Dad

My daughter took the IQ test last year with no preparation and scored in the 95th percentile on non-verbal and 98th percentile in verbal. This year, after using The Test Tutor preparation materials, her non-verbal score jumped to the 99th percentile and she got into the gifted school.  Elizabeth, Philadelphia mom

My son enjoyed the exercises in the workbook. He actually looked forward to playing the "games" every day. I feel good knowing that he will feel comfortable during the test, and I know what to expect.  Charlotte NC Mom

My granddaughter used the workbook and tested in the 99th percentile on the test. I think the workbook did a wonderful job preparing her. Thank you! Los Angeles Grandmother

I bought the workbook because it covers every subtest that my child may be tested on. Now I'm certain my son is fully prepared. The low price is a nice plus.  NJ Mom