Free KBIT 2 Practice Questions

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There are two main sections of the Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test – Verbal and Nonverbal. The verbal section contains a verbal knowledge subtest and a riddles subtest. The nonverbal section is comprised of a matrices subtest.

The Verbal Knowledge subtest measures word knowledge through the identification of pictures that illustrate a word or answer a question. Here is an example:

Point to the sample question and say: "Look at these pictures and point to condensation."

 KBIT 2 verbal knowledge

The correct answer is C.

The Matrices Subtest assesses a person's ability to make visual analogies and recognize spatial relationships through the completion of matrices that represent both real and abstract designs. Here is an example:

Point to the sample question and say: “Let’s play a game. Look at this object (Point to the single square or matrix) and tell me which one here (point to bottom pictures) goes with this one here?” Point to the single square or the square with the question mark.  

KBIT 2 matrix  


The correct answer is 4.

The Riddles Subtest measures the ability to form verbal concepts and reason through exercises that require pointing to a picture or saying a word that answers a riddle spoken by the examiner. Look at this example:

Question: What tool has teeth and grooms your hair?

Answer: A comb

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