Free NNAT 2 Practice

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The Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test second edition (NNAT-2) can be administered on paper or via computer. It consists of 48 questions, takes approximately 30 minutes to complete, and contains four question types:

Pattern Completion
As the easiest type of question to solve, pattern completion questions will be found primarily in the lower grade levels. The child will be presented with a rectangular design containing a missing piece. To solve the puzzle, the child must look at the design with a missing piece and select the answer that completes the pattern. For example: 


Reasoning by Analogy
In this exercise, the child will be presented with two or three rows of objects that comprise a matrix. The child must recognize how objects within the columns and rows change as one moves across or down the matrix. For example:

NNAT Reasoning by Analogy

Serial Reasoning

In this type of exercise, the child must recognize how the shapes in the matrix change across the rows and down the columns. As the shapes change from row to row and column to column, each shape appears only once in each row and column. For example:

NNAT Serial Reasoning

Spatial Visualization

Because spatial visualization exercises are the most difficult exercises in the NNAT, they will be found primarily in the upper grade level tests. To solve these exercises, the child must determine what two or more designs would look like if they were combined. For example: 

NNAT Spatial Visualization

Helping Your Child Prepare
Naturally, you want to help your child prepare well for any test. The only effective way to prepare for a test is to become familiar with the question types and testing format. Our NNAT® practice tests offer hundreds of practice questions to build your child’s critical thinking skills necessary for successful test results. Familiarizing your child with the format and question types of the NNAT®-2 will reduce testing anxiety and improve performance.

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