Top Four Skills Needed to Ace the WISC-IV test

September 16, 2013 0 Comments

Your child’s WISC-IV score can have a dramatic impact on the quality of education they will receive - for both public and private schools. If your child does well on this test it could provide educational opportunities that could otherwise be denied. If your child does poorly on this test the ramifications could last for years or even a lifetime!

The Test Tutor helps parents like you make sure their child is prepared for the following concepts covered the WISC-IV:

Verbal Comprehension assesses the ability to:

  • listen to a question
  • draw upon learned information from both formal and informal education
  • reason through an answer, and
  • express thoughts aloud.

Perceptual Reasoning assesses the ability to:

  • examine a problem
  • draw upon visual-motor and visual-spatial skills
  • organize your thoughts
  • create solutions, and then test them

Working Memory assesses the ability to:

  • memorize new information
  • hold it in short-term memory
  • concentrate, and
  • manipulate that information to produce some result or reasoning processes.

Processing Speed assesses the ability to:

  • process information quickly
  • pay attention
  • be persistent and plan
  • work under time pressure

If your child will take the WISC-IV test soon, don't leave his/her score up to chance. Learn how to make sure your child is fully prepared for the WISC-IV

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