The Differences between WPPSI-III and WPPSI-IV

October 13, 2013 0 Comments

The WPPSI-IV is the latest edition of the Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence. The primary differences between the third edition and the fourth edition is that the WPPSI-IV eliminated the word reasoning and picture completion subtests and added 5 subtests (bug search, animal coding, cancellation, picture memory and zoo locations).

New subtests in WPPSI-IV:

1. Bug Search: This subtest is similar to the symbol search subtest that it replaced in WPPSI-III. The child must find the target image among a group of images. However, instead of using a pencil, the child uses an ink stamp.

2. Animal Coding subtest is also similar to the coding subtest in WPPSI-III. The child uses an ink stamp to mark items associated with each animal.

3. Cancellation is similar to the WISC-IV subtest. Child must only stamp articles of clothing that are on the page in a random or structured order.

4. Picture Memory: child views pictures for 3-5 second and then must locate the picture among a larger group of images.

5. Zoo Locations: Child views locations of animal cards for 3-5 seconds and then must put the cards in the correct locations on a layout.

Please note that many schools are still accepting WPPSI-III scores. Please check with the school to determine which test your child will be required to take.

Get over 1,000 practice exercises for the WPPSI-IV, developed by educational psychologists here.

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