Free Resources to Help Children Get Ready for the PARCC Testing

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The Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers, also known as the PARCC coalition and the SMARTER Balanced Assessment Consortium, known as SBAC, are preparing to administer the end of the year achievement tests to students in kindergarten through 12th grade. These new modern tests are in alignment with the Common Core standards and are geared towards assessing readiness for college entry courses. The goal of PARCC and SBAC is to ensure students are prepared upon graduation to enter college and become competitive globally.  With that goal in mind, the tests are more rigorous than those administered in prior years. Both PARCC and SBAC are similar in nature, although they are different tests. Your child will take the test that is appropriate for the given state you are living in; some states use the PARCC-administered tests and other states use the SBAC tests.

Taking tests is challenging, but with preparation and study, students will be successful.  To aid you in that goal, we have prepared a list of free resources to help children get ready for PARCC/SBAC testing. 

PARCC Parent Resources

The PARCC put together an array of resources to aid students and parents in understanding all aspects of the test. They also offer a practice test which is an invaluable resource considering it’s constructed by the authors of the actual test your child will take in school.

Common Core Practice Test Review

This link will provide children grades 1-12 with a directory of practice tests in math and language arts. Also, for added practice the website includes flashcards and a study guide.

Practice Tests for PARCC

Practice English/language arts and mathematics tests for grades 3-8 and high school. The math practice test includes a Spanish version, as well.


Tech Tune-Up for PARCC

This site has technical practice exercises for students. The modern tests are all online and students will need to be proficient in computer and keyboarding skills. Don’t worry too much if your child is not extremely fast with typing (although that is a goal he/she should be striving for); but what your child will need to be more adept at is such things as dragging items on the screen, using the mouse, and so on.


The tutorial site will assist students and parents with the technology platform and serve as a guide for the computer-based assessment.

Common Core: Assessments

This blog explains the general areas in which students should gain practice (such as writing). The practical advice is useful and filled with examples.

How to Prepare Students for PARCC Tests

This resource is helpful in the areas of technical common sense your child should be up to speed on. It gives an idea of what type of computer skills will be necessary in order to effectively take the test. It addresses issues for both the PARCC and SBAC.

Common Core Standards in Math Practice

This website includes a very thorough compilation of math practice tests from kindergarten through high school. Algebra, geometry, and statistics and probability are included.

At The Test Tutor, we are invested in helping students prepare for the PARCC tests. If you would like to discuss any testing issues in more detail, please contact us today!

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