Free Practice Questions for the WISC®-IV and WISC®-V tests

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The Weschler Intelligence Scale for Children is an intelligence test for children ages 6 to 16. This individually administered intelligence test can be completed without the ability to read or write. The assessment contains 10 primary core subtests along with five additional subtests. All of the subtests can be summarized into four indexes.

The test takes 65 and 80 minutes to administer to most children. It may require more time if additional subtests are used, as in the case of children who demonstrate greater intelligence. However, less time may be required for children who exhibit various levels of mental disabilities. The WISC®-IV can be used to identify giftedness, learning disabilities, as well as cognitive strengths and weaknesses.

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Here are a few WISC practice questions:

1. Look at these 2 rows of pictures. Pick one picture from the first row that goes with a picture on the second row.

2. Look at the pictures in these boxes. The shapes in the top row go together in some way. Now look at the bottom row. Which shape do you think goes with the blue circle in the same way?

3. Nick starts out with 72 ride tickets at the fair. By the end of the first day, Nick has used 21 ride tickets. How many tickets does Nick have left?

Let's play a guessing game. Tell me what I'm thinking of.

4. This is a period of 100 years.

5. This is a group of people that live in the same area.

6. This is a long trip.

7. This is the remains of a plant or animal from millions of years ago.

Answers: 1) 3 & 6 (vegetables) 2) 1 3) 51 4) Century 5) Community 6) Journey 7) Fossil


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